Granite is relatively new to kitchen counters, having become extremely popular in late 80s. It is a igneous rock with coloured grains. It forms slowly from the crystallization of magma below Earth’s surface for millions of years. Granite delivers gorgeous aesthetics to your kitchen or bathroom. It resists heat, is not susceptible to scratches, resistant to stains, and will not absorb liquids. A cherry on top for a highquality kitchen.


Marble is an excellent material for fireplaces or bathrooms. It is spectacularly beautiful when it comes to marbles elegance. Marble comes in a few hues. No two slabs will ever be identical. You will be assured of having a unique countertop for your home. It handles heat very well and will not discolour over time, this is why it is a durable, yet elegant, material for fireplaces.


Quartz countertops are relatively new but have grown a loyal following due to its many good qualities such as its attractive appearance and durability. It is a manufactured product and comes in a much wider range of colours than natural stone. Quartz is a nonporous surface which means the material will not harbour bacteria or viruses adding a great benefit for both the kitchen and the bathroom.

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